DUST :: Part II from MANIAMANIA on Vimeo.


baking cookies, drinking wine, cuddled on the couch with nerd.


oh, brick house.

outdone yourself with a fence bench with an eames base!

bambi = bad ass.



if this said chick fil a, i'd like it even more.

someone returned these at work..

and they are starting to grow on me..
madison harding grey val platforms.
also via bonadrag

black widow.

lindsey thornburg back widow dress via bonadrag. WANT WANT WANT.


i don't really have anything to say..

The Making of the 2010 Pirelli Calendar by Terry Richardson from Rafael Rubira fashion4fun.com.br on Vimeo.

if you mind a boob shot here and there, don't watch this. but if you like terry richardson, then please... watch!

silly pet tricks.



harpers bazaar, 1993, kate moss photographed by patrick demarchelier

harris tweed.

nike collab via stylebubble


so sweet.

Postcards From Italy from ForYouLoveMe on Vimeo.

one of my favorite 'couples' (via the blog world via rockstar diaries)


i'd like to take a moment..

i know i've mentioned my extreme career envy for jenna lyons (i.e. i wanna be her.. basically), but i just can't get over j.crew's styling lately. i thought fall was incredible, but i wasn't really expecting much for spring. ya know? but they are STILL killing it. so i figured it was high time i put up ALL my faves, from fall 2010 and the new spring stuff.

ya know, just in case someone really wanted to win my heart and buy me all this junk!