3. pay attention to the new friends you invite into your life. in the past, I’d meet people and only realize after months of hanging out that I’m doing all the entertaining and they’re totally boring.


all i want for christmas..

so it's that time of the year, and my family is requesting my 'list'. since my birthday and christmas fall in the same month, i normally get a little overwhelmed and can't even think of anything..
i also have a tendency to buy anything i want at the moment i want it.
but this year..
all i want for christmas is..

-a lula magazine subscription
-new black raybans (lost!)
-the harry potter books (i only borrowed.. now i need them in MY collection!)
-my urban wishlist
-hilary duff with love perfume (don't even make fun until you smell this stuff.. it's so good!!)
-a wire name necklace
-tattoos!! (always)

what about you?

wanwantwanttt (part 3.. or 4?).


i am not a fan of white leather. but white on black? hmmm.. i can do that.


is the beginning of a new day.


hansel and gretel.

my favorite of lady gaga, shot by annie leibovitz for vogue.


twin magazine, freja, photographed by boo george, and styled by gillain wilkins



i know i've posted these before..
but they haven't gotten old yet!


oh, hey dreamy.

new face of calvin klein.

he may be the dreamiest thing i've seen in quite some time.



i am;

ready, ready, ready.
100%, more than ever, ready.

a tribute to the boys..

jake, michael, and all those other handsome boy bloggers out there. hit those names to take a peak.

you know those chocolate calendars for christmas?

i think i'll start mine early.. because december 20th is the new christmas.

rodarte for target.

crushing on v magazine..